Specialty Services

You've arrived at the Specialty Services page, reserved for the drivers who have higher-than-average expectations for their car's beauty. 


Paint Correction

From $500

Every day that a car spends without regular cleaning and proper protection (like a sealant or ceramic coating), the car's paint is being damaged by micro scratches caused by everyday use. Over time, that "new car paint" from the dealership loses its shine and luster as a result of the light being reflected by thousands of micro scratches. 

Luckily, a paint correction can fix this damage permanently. Using a buffer (dual-action random orbital polisher), a skilled detailer is able to level your car paint's clear coat until there are no more scratches and only a smooth, mirror-like finish remains. 

A full paint correction includes a full exterior wash, paint decontamination, and extensive preparations using plastic and special automotive tape to protect trim before undergoing the actual correction. It is a full-day process ranging from 5 to 10+ hours per car.

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Ceramic Coating

From $300

For years, detailers used carnauba wax to protect the paint on their cars. Unfortunately, it only lasts a few weeks! In more recent years, longer-lasting synthetic waxes have been released, as well as super effective sealants, that do a better job as a "sacrificial barrier" between automotive paint and the elements. Just a few years ago, the first ceramic coatings were released and they rocked the world of detailing. 

A ceramic coating is a rigid, invisible coating applied to paint, glass, and wheels. It is similar to an incredibly durable wax, offering protection against the elements and physical scratches, as well as adding to the gloss of your paint's finish, and lasting up to four years. With a ceramic coating, your car will look shinier, stay cleaner, and maintain the paint quality for years to come. 

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